About us

About Us

Caloratech was founded in 2019 under the name Greenpoint Total Solution. Caloratech
focuses on developing and producing future-proof systems in combination with a PCM
solution. A series of Calora systems has now been developed, which means that the
systems can be tailor-made for different purposes.

The core of the systems is a PCM heat battery that can be charged by means of a heat
pump. The use of the Calora systems is particularly a solution for making existing
buildings natural gas-free.

Our mission is to make the energy transition process possible for everyone through
long and thorough cooperation with our partners. We innovate with solid products so
that our systems can actually contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and regeneration
of the living environment.

In the summer of 2022, we started expanding our network and discussing projects for
integrated energy solutions that are particularly suitable for making homes natural gas-free.

In the coming years, Caloratech will focus on growth, sales and further development of the product range. By continuing to think creatively and not avoiding a challenge, we will realize many future-proof solutions in the future and new markets will open up.